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Detailing Services

Our detailing option is perfect for people with kids and pets. We'll remove all the animal hair and small debris from your seats and carpets. The detailing option includes a full-service wash and vacuuming. Our professionals detail your vehicle by buffer or by hand, and we'll also shampoo your vehicle and clean your tires and wheels. We recommend having your seats and carpets shampooed regularly. For those customers who wish for their vehicle to undergo a more thorough cleaning, we offer hand washing and waxing. Vehicles with ski or luggage racks, or those that are too large to enter the automatic washer, should be hand washed.

Vehicle Detailing, Car Polishing, and More at Affordable Prices

Buggy Bath Car Wash offers a number of car polishing and washing services to meet your needs. Our Reno, Nevada, company provides excellent customer service on every wash or vehicle-detailing job we do.


Includes Full Service Wash


FULL DETAIL - $239.00
Includes: Full Shampoo & Buffer Wax

BUFFER WAX  - $149.00
Exterior Only

HAND WAX - $90.00
Exterior Only

Full Shampoo - $149.00

Upholstery Shampoo - $89.00

Carpet Shampoo - $89.00

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