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Car Washing Services

We offer a variety of services to ensure your car looks great. Our regular Exterior Wash includes an automatic car wash service, followed by a towel dry. Super Exterior Wash includes the basic wash and dry, as well as polish, sealer wax, wheel cleaning, and tire shining service. The Full Service Wash includes all the previous options, as well as interior vacuuming, window cleaning, dusting, rubber mat washing, and the addition of an air freshener to your vehicle. Our Works option includes all of the previous washes, plus polish and sealer washes, an undercarriage wash, along with wheel cleaning and Tire Brite™ shine.

The Super Wash includes all of the above, along with an undercarriage rust inhibitor and a dash dressing. Our best wash is called the Ultimate Wash. It includes all of the previous options, along with a protective scented interior cream and dress trim. We offer a variety of extra options in addition to those mentioned above.

Having your car washed is important at all times of the year. In winter months, salt and sand collect on your vehicle's exterior, leading to corrosion. Allowing us to wash your vehicle once a month during winter, as well as once more at the end of winter, protects your vehicle from damage.

Vehicle Detailing, Car Polishing, and More at Affordable Prices

Buggy Bath Car Wash offers a number of car polishing and washing services to meet your needs. Our Reno, Nevada, company provides excellent customer service on every wash or vehicle-detailing job we do.

Welcome to Buggy Bath

Ultimate Wash

"Super Works"
Full Interior Cream
Dress Trim

Full Service

"Exterior Wash"
Air Freshener
Rubber Mats Washed

Super Wash

Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor
Dash Dressing

Super Exterior

"Exterior Wash"
Polish and Sealer Waxes
Wheels Cleaned
Tire Shine


"Full Service"
Polish & Sealer Waxes
Wheel & Brite/Tire Shine


Exterior Wash
Towel Dry

Additional Services

Wheels Cleaned & Dressed - $3.00

Full Interior Conditioning - $12.00

Shampoo Mats Each - $5.00

Extra Charge for Large Vehicles *

Hand Wash Services

Exterior Only :
Cars, small suv's, pickups- $20.00
Large suv's, & Trucks - $25.00

Full service:
Cars- $32.00
Small suv's & Trucks- $36.00
Large suv's & Trucks- $42.00


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